Club Activities

Monthly Outing

We strongly believe that photography is all about continuous shooting and practising.

Do attend our monthly outings where we will go to various places in Singapore.

Photos that are taken during outings will get an opportunity to be exhibited around SP.

Monthly Instagram Hashtag Feature

Every month, we will post a themed hashtag on our Instagram page, for a chance to get your Instagram post featured*.

Any SP student may participate by tagging their Instagram posts with the corresponding hashtag from that month.

Featured photos will be credited, and the original poster will be contacted for CCA points purposes.

* Subject to Terms & Conditions

Monthly Training

We conduct monthly photography training for all members.

We will touch on different aspects of photography, such as photography basics and photo-editing.

Event Coverage

Members of SP Photography Club can apply to be event photographers or be part of the executive committee where they will have many opportunities to do event photography.

We usually do coverage of events which are held in SP.

If you have any queries or requests, please email us at

View our past activities & monthly outings here!

Contact us

If you would like to join SP Photography Club, please fill in this registration form!

You will be part of our mailing list where you will be updated regularly when we hold our activities!


Please inform SP Photography Club through email ( for school events that are not organized/endorsed under the

Department of Student Development & Alumni Relations (SA).

Please state the name of the event, its date and time and the amount of photographers you require.

SP Photography Club has the right to reject these requests.