AY17/18 Executive Committee

Head Committee

Cebeste Ng


An image-maker who believes in the importance of visual storytelling.

Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

Instagram: @theobservancyproject

Joanne Seng


Architectural photography is my comfort zone since all the time in the world is available to achieve the perfect shot of the inanimate structures.

Still learning the ways of street and portrait photography to capture lovely smiles of the world around us

Winston Tay


I’m Winston and I like taking photos of people, mainly myself.

Aside from that, I find comfort in nature and very much love still photography. I see beauty in landscapes more than anything else.

Lee Zhi Ning

Secretary Head

‘Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity’

Yap Yee Chen

Treasurer Head

The adventurous kind of person, likes to travel and try new stuff. Friendly, but can be a little annoying sometimes. Like to take landscape and portraits. A camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.

Ariele Tan

Media Head

I enjoy taking landscape photos and exploring new concepts.

Lim Ghee Yang

Training & Studio Head

My work ethic is an unfortunate mix of perfectionism and procrastination.

Main Committee

Siew Wei Feng


I love taking all types of photo.

Zoe Tan


I’m Zoe, and I like to shoot simple and inanimate objects.

Raynard Chai


I know how to write ‘hello world’ programs and stuff.

Miko Pang


Hi I’m Miko, a year 3 Architecture student.

Although I do a lot of architecture photography, I enjoy landscape photography the most because of the calmness it gives me.

I believe that every moment is special, every shot is unique, and every photograph has its own story to tell.

Tang Junwen


Hi! I’m Junwen! I’m into street and portrait photography.

Do follow me on Instagram @tang.junwen!

Mark Loh


I’m Mark, and I like photographing events.

Rachel Choo


I am someone who is not like anyone you know.

Yee Qian Hui

Training & Studio

I am someone with a huge reaction. I shoot street photography!

Nicholas Tan

Training & Studio

That’s who you are, and you’re good enough the way you are⁠⁠⁠⁠


Bryan Neo


I’m Bryan, Year 3 in Maritime Business.

Looking to sail the seas and experiencing the emotions of the world.

Matthew Chan


Hi I’m Matthew, and I like Nature and Landscape Photography!

In some ways I enjoy Nature Photography because it’s a bit more of a challenge as Nature is always changing.