Monthly Outings (Archive)

We strongly believe that photography is all about continuous shooting and practising

Monthly Outing at Bras Basah

On the 26th of November, we went to Bras Basah to shoot!

The objective of this outing was to shoot portraits. It was a pretty interesting outing as we visited a few museums such as Singapore Arts Museum and the National Gallery of Singapore!

Our members learnt how to shoot portraits and they also explored different camera angles and shots during the given free time.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

During the Bras Basah outing I felt that it was a great opportunity to bond with the members and EXCO. Although it rained that day we managed to find a shelter and take cover until the rain gets lighter. With the location we went we managed to get some nice photos and applied the skill sets that we have learned during the time with SPP. I really enjoyed it

– Cebeste Ng, SPP Events Head

The Bras Basah outing was a very interesting one as there are quite a lot of unique architectures there such as the Singapore Art Museum and CHIJMES. 

I have learnt quite a bit from this outing as this is my first time trying out street photography as there are plenty of opportunities for me to try it out during this outing. 

The event was also very well planned out. The route that we walked had numerous unique architectures and it made me realise that there are actually plenty of beautiful architectures in Singapore. We were also given some free time to roam around so that we could get the shots that we wanted.

– Siew Wei Feng, SPP Secretary (Sub-Committee)

Group Picture by Cebeste Ng

Featured Picture by Tang Junwen & Yee Qian Hui

Monthly Outing at Kampong Lorong Buangkok

On the 22nd of October, we went to Kampong Lorong Buangkok to shoot!

For majority of us, it was our very first time going to Kampong Buangkok, so we didn’t really know what kind of shots to expect. Also, we weren’t expecting such a big group, but nevertheless, we are really thankful that many members have signed up for this outing.

We’re also glad that we received positive feedback from the members as well as the organising committee. Most of us actually wants to come back and explore the Kampong again! Do check out some of the pictures taken as well as what some them had to say below. Once again, thanks to all who took the time to join us and we hope to see you on our next outing!

Here’s what some of the members have to say:

Today’s outing went above my expectations, Cebeste, our Organising Chairman for this outing, has done adequate research about the area and was quick to suggest alternative places around the area to shoot after we realised that the area was smaller than what we imagined.

We found the villagers quite shy about us taking photos of them, hence, it was a challenge for those who wanted to take photos of their alternative lifestyle. A quick side note, this was the first time I joined SPP-organized outings and I was initially nervous about how I would go about interacting with the other members. However, I realised that they were quite a welcoming bunch.

I would definitely recommend our SPP members to take this opportunity to join our future outings as it is better to go out to shoot as a group. Sharing your photo to get on-the-spot constructive opinions and with the immediate chance to go back to the same place to improve the piece you took earlier amplifies the chance to better hone your skills as a photographer.

– Yvonne Teo, SPP Secretary

This time’s location of the outing was another never before experience. As we entered Kampong Buangkok, it was as if we had transcend through time (though the surrounding newly constructed HDBs killed it a little), with the pastel painted traditional Malay houses that scattered around the remote land as well as the friendly aunties, uncles, even cats! This allowed my photos to have different varieties, such as people portraits of the occupants, flora & fauna, traditional architecture etc.

Through the process of taking photographs, we inevitably bonded among each other and most of us stayed for dinner together afterwards! Overall, this event was well planned, from the preparation to the actual event. It was truly an enjoyable and eye opening experience.

– Lee Zhi Ning, SPP Secretary

The SPP outing to Lorong Buangkok was really cool and awesome mainly because of the friendly exco and seniors/mates that welcomed me despite that fact that I was quite inactive before. It was really fun because I get to go to cool locations like these to explore and to shoot interesting subjects. 

It was really well planned and the timing wasn’t too Long neither was it too short, it was meaningful that I could interact and bond with newfound friends over a similar passion. Taking pictures together helped me to learn from them as well. 

– Grace Foo, SPP Member

Pictures by Cebeste Ng

Monthly Outing to MacRitchie Reservoir

Last week, we took our members to another joint outing with NPP to MacRitchie Reservoir!

The main purpose of the outing was to gain exposure of nature photography. It was a great opportunity to improve ourselves in taking pictures of flora and fauna.

The outing to Mac’Ritchie was one filled with mixed feelings, but definitely a great one. People of this age often neglect the existence of nature and its diminishing presence. This outing really helped in getting us to indulge in nature, and enjoy its every aspect. On a different note, it was also really tiring – one of our most tiring outings ever! Ha. It was a 2km hike, but filled with several appearances of creatures we don’t usually see around anymore. Monkeys swung from trees to trees, there were chickens and roosters, and we even got to see many different types of dragonflies. It wasn’t just about capturing the moment – we lived it right there, and we caught it; through our lens. This outing to Macritchie was definitely tiring, exhausting and took a ton on my body, but it was also an exciting, fun-filled, love-filled and memorable one.

A total of 18 participants and helpers from the committee went for the outing. Not only that, our alumni Oh Yao Wen (Previous Vice President) and Tan Chek Chong (Previous Committee Member) visited us during the outing and give some tips on nature photography.

– Winston Tay, SPP Events Head

Member's Outing to Central Business District (CBD) Area

On the 23rd of July 2016, members explored the CBD area with the aim to get architectural shots.

It was a little challenging at first because most of us were still new to architectural photography. We not only had to think about which angle of the building we should point our camera to, we also had to focus on making the composition look good.

Nonetheless, we still managed to get really good shots. So without further ado, allow us to present you the three best shots taken by the members during the outing!

Taken by: Wei Feng @swwif

Taken by: Tang Jun Wen @t.jwen

Taken by: Joelle Yeong @hothybrid14

Member’s Outing – Coney Island (Collaboration with NPP)

For our first monthly outing, we took our members to Coney Island in collaboration with Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Photography Club.

The joint outing was a great opportunity for our member’s and exco to learn from and socialise with our fellow photographers from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

On this outing, we explored both portrait photography, landscape photography and more. There were a myriad of different locations, lighting and angles for us to explore and that resulted in loads of wonderful photos.

Check out some of the photos below!