Other Activities

The club organizes other activities such as the annual Freshmen Camp, as well as other activities such as the Bonding Day and several Community Involvement Programmes

Bonding Day 2017

On 24th June 2017, we held our CCA’s Bonding Day at Sentosa!

The bonding day is a great opportunity to allow freshies and previous batches (including the executive committee), to get to know each other, forge new friendships and learn new photography techniques from one another!

The concept of the bonding day is similar to how the Canon PhotoMarathon is run, where participants are given themes to capture and they have to be as creative as they can without using editing software.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say!

Although the outing didn’t have many people and the groups were really small, it was really fun! I got to meet really fun GLs and team members.

The activities were challenging too, I felt that the photo marathon was really fun and I got to learn more from my fellow team members and GLs.

– Stanley Cheah @stanleycheah • Bonding Day Participant, SPP Member

I really enjoyed myself at the bonding day. I felt that it was very well planned from the activities to the games, to the people stationed at VivoCity in the morning to guide us to the boardwalk.

I made many new friends and I felt that it has helped me bond with my group members and others as well.

I would definitely go for more outings as it is fun and I enjoy meeting new people.

– David Sim @david.syz • Bonding Day Participant, SPP Member

Photos by Cebeste, Mark, Nicholas and Shao Zun

CAMP ALPS – Freshmen Orientation Camp 2017

This year’s Freshmen Orientation Camp, Camp Alps held on 13 & 14 May 2017 was a massive success!

The camp allows new members, as well as current members (including the executive committee) to bond and forge new friendships!

Here’s what some of our members had to say!

The camp was definitely a great first experience for me as a Group Leader as it was full of exciting and memorable moments.

The games are well thought-out and exhilarating, making the camp a fun experience overall.

– Siew Wei Feng @swwif • Camp Alps Group Leader, SPP Secretary

I felt that the camp was very fun especially at the end, during the prize presentation. Most of the amazing race games were fun as well.

Overall, the camp was good! I managed to meet new people and the group leaders were really welcoming and friendly.

– Joan Wee @joanwee_ • Camp Alps Camper, SPP Member

SP Photography Club would also like to thank our alumni for coming back to help out with the camp!

SP Alumni CIP – Family Bonding 2016

On 17 December 2016, SPP Exco members went for a Community Involvement Project (CIP) by Yong-En Care Centre, held at Bukit Batok Civil Service Club.

This CIP was titled ‘Family Bonding 2016’, with the objective to bond families together through engaging activities, such as games and dessert making.

We would like to thank SP Alumni for inviting us, as well as for planning the event!

Here’s what Mark had to say about this event!

It was my first CIP together with the CCA. Overall it was a really enjoyable one. We went to Bukit Batok for a Family Bonding CIP organised by Yong-En Care Centre.

At first, I was slightly worried what I would be expecting, since I could not make it for the dry run held before the actual one. Upon arriving, we got into our ‘game booth’ groups, and I will try my best with whatever challenge/task was given to me.

When the families came in, it was full of laughter, fun and joy! It was really a heartwarming experience all in all, seeing the parents and their children having fun together and playing – thus allowing them to bond and feel loved.

Other than games, families also went on to make desserts which they could eat afterwards. They made a healthy wrap, and an fruity ice cream dessert.
All in all, I am thankful to have been given this opportunity to give back to the community, helping them, and also helping myself (by learning the values of appreciation and family bond) in the process.”

– Mark Loh, SPP Secretary (Sub-Committee)

SPIC & SPNAC – Photoshop/Lightroom Workshop

Collaborating with SP Infocomm Club and SP NYAA Ambassador Club for the Lightroom and basic photography workshop respectively, students that came managed to learn the basics of photography and editing skils they can employ for their own photography.

SP Photography Club is always ready to share what we know and we welcome more students to sign up for our future workshops!

Thank you to those that came for this and we hope to see you next time!

Canon PhotoMarathon 2016

On the 19th of November 2016, some of our SPP Exco members, as well as SPP alumni, signed up for Canon Photo Marathon 2016.

Held annually, Canon PhotoMarathon spans across ten countries, bringing together photographic talents from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Brunei.

The challenge was to create photographic masterpieces in line with the themes assigned under time pressure.

The themes chosen this year was ‘Vision’, ‘Kyosei’ and lastly, ‘#NoFilter + #NewPerspective + #SPACE’. They had a unique way of choosing each theme like turning the wheel or throwing a huge dice. It was a long and tiring event but we still managed to explore the area around Esplanade and some of us even went further just to achieve the shot we want.

We also managed to experiment different photography techniques like multiple exposure, long exposure and playing around with colour filters. Even if we didn’t manage to win any prizes, we definitely picked up a few tricks, tips and experimental photography techniques from each other and managed to bond as a team.

Here’s what Junwen had to say about the event!

Canon Photo Marathon 2016 was my first photography competition and I was very grateful to the club’s seniors and juniors that were there. The seniors who participated were very friendly to us. 

They guided us on the techniques we could use in taking our photos and taught us different ways to approach the themes that were given to us during the event. Besides teaching us, our seniors displayed leadership skills bringing us around the area getting us exposed to a wider variety of themes. 

There were also a few alumni who went for this event and they accompanied us around helping us along the way. For example, Ashley, Dan, Alvin and William Tan (former SP Photography Club’s President). Through this session, we bonded well as a group and I got to know the seniors and alumni better including my juniors. 

I have enjoyed my time during this event with them, picking up many useful tips and skills that I can put to use during photo taking and can’t wait to participate in the next year’s Canon Photo Marathon!

– Junwen, SPP Events (Sub-Committee)
Canon PhotoMarathon 2016

CAMP GALAXY – Freshmen Orientation Camp 2016

Our annual Freshman Orientation Camp, Camp Galaxy, was held during the June term break, on the 14th and 15th of June. The 2-day camp was a fun-filled, memorable one. We had a blast and would like to thank everyone for making Camp Galaxy possible.

A big thank you to the organising committee for planning this camp. Also, we would like to thank everyone who came to help, the GMs, GLs, GHs, logistics as well as the alumni who took time off their busy schedules to come back and help.

As a tradition, we wrapped up the whole camp by having an auction, where members use macaronis that they earn from playing the station games, night walk games and amazing race games. With the macaronis earned, they get to bid for mystery boxes which can either contain goods like snacks and treats or boxes that contain useless items like pebbles.

Thanks to all the campers for taking the time out to participate in this camp. We hope all of you had as much fun as we did! Ok let’s just move on to the pictures already! Also, do check out the video highlights of the camp taken and compiled by an alumni, Alvin, above or click here!

SPP & SPIC LinkedIn Workshop

SPP collaborated with SP Infocomm Club (SPIC) to organise a LinkedIn workshop, which was held on the 11th of May 2016. Students who signed up for the workshop learnt about LinkedIn and how to use them to enhance their online portfolio.

LinkedIn is a professional online social networking platform where we can build our own professional identity online.

During the first half of the workshop, SPIC introduced LinkedIn and its features to the attendees. On the later half, they were guided through on how to set up their own LinkedIn profile.

It was also the time when Ghee Yang, SPP’s training head, taught them how to take the correct profile picture for a LinkedIn profile. He mainly covered on choosing the right background, clothes and poses for their profile picture as well as the do’s and don’ts.

We received positive feedback from the attendees and really appreciate them paying close attention as well as practicing to set up their LinkedIn profile. We hope that everyone who attended the workshop benefited from it.

Last but not least, we thank all of you who attended and helped out during the workshop! Overall, the workshop was a success and we would like to thank SPIC for giving us the opportunity to collaborate. We look forward to having more collaborations in the future!